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Access your 360 content on all of your VR headsets with a simple 6-digit pincode.


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Contraverse Expo VR Player

Showcase 360 Videos With Speed And Confidence

From synchronized VR cinemas to simple kiosk mode, Contraverse EXPO is the perfect solution to showcase VR content in any situation.

Why Contraverse Expo?

Completely customize your own VR environment to showcase 360 videos in the easiest way imaginable.
Sync across unlimited devices

Sync unlimited VR devices

Synchronize your experience across as many headsets as you can get your hands on!
Custom waiting room

Custom waiting room

Immerse your audience in your world the moment they put on the headset. Upload a custom 360 photo, or let us to design you one.
Custom branding

Custom branding

Showcase your own brand, not ours. Your VR cinema app is completely whitelabled inside and out to let your brand shine.
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VR for any Use-case

Choose between three modes to showcase VR content within the Contraverse EXPO app.

Do you need to show your content to large groups of people or leave your headsets unattended? This app is designed to be frictionless for the end-user with features like auto-repeat and auto-reset.


Setup a VR cinema with synced playback in no-time. You’ll have full control over what your audience gets to see. Play, pause or stop videos, and even send messages to all devices at the same exact time. Control the EXPO app directly from an iPad and on local networks.

VR Cinema

Showcase multiple pieces of content in an easy to use Grid interface. You’ll have the ability to add artwork to display your project in a beautiful way.


Control multiple VR headsets from a distance

We know how complicated it is to control multiple VR devices, so we simplified it. Run as many headsets as you want from one place, reducing the number of staff you need to run an event.
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Multiple VR headsets

How does it work

Contraverse Expo makes setting up your VR event as simple as 1, 2, 3.
Sync Your VR Headsets

1. Sync Your VR Headsets

Connect to your VR headsets to the remote by accessing your PIN code on your dashboard.
Download Content

2. Download Content

Select all the headsets you want to download your content on, and select "download" on the remote app.
Play, Pause, Stop

3. Play, Pause, Stop

Select all headsets, or individual headsets that you want to play the content on. You can also review what

Download Contraverse Expo And Screen VR content with ease

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Control VR headsets with Contraverse Cinema Remote App

Pair Contraverse EXPO app with Cinema Remote and control as many headsets as you want from one place, reducing the number of staff you need to run an event.
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Contraverse Cinema Remote App

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