Organize Virtual Reality
Screenings with Ease

Expo makes organizing a VR screening so simple, a single person could do it. Be part of the future of media and create an experience that your audience will never forget.
Virtual Reality Screenings

Get Real Insights Into How Your Audience Views Your Content

View in-depth analytics on how your audience watches your VR content, including view counts and heatmap data to see where your audience looks most in your 360 videos.
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Virtual Reality Group Viewings

Simplify the Experience for Your Audience

Kiosk mode allows your audience to simply put on a headset and have the experience automatically play, without the need for controllers or complicated user interfaces.
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Multiple VR headsets

Hold Virtual Reality Group Viewings

Remote Control an unlimited number of devices. Start playing a 360 video on multiple VR devices simultaneously, directly from the Cinema remote on your laptop or tablet.
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Virtual Reality Group Viewings

Control multiple VR headsets from a distance

We know how complicated it is to manage multiple VR devices, so we simplified it. Run as many headsets as you want from one place, reducing the number of staff you need to run an event.
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VR Headsets