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Get started by uploading your 360 video content, then access it by downloading the VR player app on your VR devices. If you have any troubles, comments, or feedback please reach out to our team for support with the live chat bubble.

Setup Checklist

  1. Upload Content

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  2. Download Expo VR app

  3. Download Cinema Remote app

  4. Enter PIN to log in to apps

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  5. Connect VR headsets to remote

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  6. Download content

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360 Videos

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This page is under construction.

Soon you'll be able to see how your audience views your content with view counts and heatmap data.
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Cinema Remote



The cinema remote is currently on available on the dashboard.
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VR Customization

This page is under construction.

Soon you'll be able to customize your VR waiting room, branding, and colours inside the Expo VR app.
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Download and print these guides for quick reference and easy sharing with your staff.

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