The Future of Immersive Education

The Future of Immersive Education

The Future of Immersive Education

Today's students are digital natives. The internet and technology are deeply intertwined in their lives. Yet, not all educational systems have embraced digital learning methods that enhance students' learning.

The classroom plays a crucial role in moulding the next generation and the application of technology subverts passive classroom learning. Virtual reality can create human interactions and new experiences that are not possible otherwise. By enabling experiential learning, you help bring the world to your students with technology.

How to Transform Your Classroom

Need a little more convincing? Here are some reasons why you should incorporate VR into your classroom:

1. Explore & travel all over the world without a permission slip or stepping foot on a bus.

2. Step into the shoes of communities in crisis. Develop empathy with sights and sounds. Clouds Over Sidra is documentary-style VR experience that allows students to experience the lives of children in Syrian refugee camps.

3. Students can experience the life of different professions. Let students see through the eyes of whichever role they desire so they can make a more informed decision whether a profession is right for them.

4. Time travel into the past and be present with major events like Neil Armstrong's first moonwalk or experience the Roman Empire.

Imagine new worlds with students and let them share their own VR content with each other. VR is used in various industries and help students discover the possibilities in technology and lets them explore situations they never could in the classroom.

Help students learn by promoting curiosity and wonder. Virtual reality can put past experiences and knowledge together in a large educational network. The immersive nature brings depth to content and engages our senses to explore.

Let Expo Break the Classroom Walls

With Expo's Cinema Mode and Cinema Remote App, you can connect as many students and VR headsets as you want. Not only can you do this in a physical classroom, you can also control and synchronize headsets from anywhere in the world.

Become the mastermind to your students' headset from the Expo Cinema Remote app. The app is available on iPads or Android tablets. Alternatively, you can control headsets directly through a browser on your laptop or computer.

It is more important than ever to make digital connections with people. Whether it is for school, entertainment or business purposes. Traditional educational platforms such as BrightSpace or D2L limits learning in a 2D environment, but now, your students can have so much more. In virtual reality, you can create deeper connections beyond the tiny window of a phone or laptop. You can create presence in a different environment, whether it's half way across the globe, or something entirely imagined and created. Through experiencing virtual worlds, you liberate the students and connect with them in a way like never  before.

How to Get Started

Don't confine learning to classroom walls, catalyze curiosity through exploration.

If you want to bring virtual reality into your classroom or as part of remote learning, schedule a call with our team today.

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