VR On-Demand with Grid Mode

VR On-Demand with Grid Mode

On-Demand VR Content

Virtual reality technology is the next step in media and entertainment, bringing the 2D flatscreen into a fully-immersive experience. Expo is a VR distribution platform well-received by film festivals, production companies, trade shows, venues, and audiences who want the best possible VR experience.

With Grid mode inside the Expo app, you can offer your audience or clients an endless library of curated VR experiences to experience on-demand.

It gives people the option to choose what they want to watch, and how to watch it.

Note: The default Expo VR environment can be changed to any 360 images that you want. So if you have a nature-themed content library, you can turn the environment into a jungle or the top of a mountain.

Download or Stream Content

If you're planning to make your content widely available online, you have the option to let your audience stream or download the content in your library.

Viewers at home may want to instantly jump into the experience, but if they want the highest possible quality, it's best to download the video.

Additionally, if you're planning on using this at an event or venue, it is best to download the content ahead of time so you don't have to rely on WiFi for video playback.

How You Can Grid Mode

Expo’s grid mode is like the Netflix of 360 videos. With grid mode, you can select your experience from a beautiful library of content. It's the lure in the ability to choose your own adventure, and Expo’s Grid mode satisfies that. Besides entertainment content, Grid mode offers endless possiblities.

Remote / Virtual Film Festivals

Instead of only showing immersive film projects to the people who physically show up to your festival, why not make these projects available in virtual reality for everyone with internet access to enjoy from home? Tribeca Film Festival had to postpone their film festival in 2020 due to Coronavirus, and instead offered their selection via the Oculus TV app. With Expo, you could do something similar, while also completely customizing the VR environment, and even replacing the Expo logo with your festival's logo. You could even do special world premieres by synchronizing VR headsets from all around the world to watch at the same time.

Additionally, we are planning on supporting "flat" videos, which means you will be able to bundle both traditional and immersive films under one library!

Virtual Tour Listings

You may have beautiful homes, offices, or architectural visualizations to showcase. Instead of physically touring through countless properties in person to grasp the scope and scale that cannot be displayed in a photo or flat video, grid mode is the perfect opportunity to let your clients find out what they like. Let your audience browse through all the readily VR tours that you may have, or contact us to create beautiful, story-driven 360 video tours for your properties.

Immersive Classroom Lessons

Lynda, LinkedIn Learning, MasterClass, Skillshare, Treehouse... a lot of knowledge. The momentum to become a better version of ourselves is only accelerating. Online learning is a growing and competitive platform, and a very pertinent form of education in our fast pace world. Stand out from the competition with virtual learning and incorporate immersive media to boost the effectiveness of obtaining information. Use grid mode to showcase all the lessons and courses you have to offer, and let your students choose which lesson they want to dive into.

Company Training

At each stage of an employee's development, there may be modules or additional training to ensure their success. Instead of having them sit through videos, get them more engaged with immersive learning. Grid mode is a helpful way to display all the modules that are necessary for completion while letting an employee select their progress. You can even pair this with the Cinema Remote app to monitor employee's experience and ask them questions along the way.

How to Set Up Grid Mode

Setting up grid mode is as easy as setting yourself up with Netflix.

Turn on your headset, install the Expo VR app and log into your Expo account using your 6-digit pincode. Grid mode will be the default mode as soon as you log in.

That's it! Your headset is ready for use with grid mode. Give the headset and remote to your viewers and they will have full control over the experiences they want to watch.

Start with VR On-Demand

Put the control in your audiences' hand, even in VR. With grid mode, you're keeping up with the current on-demand viewing habits. Let your audience choose the adventure. Sign up for an Expo demo and sit back and relax.

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