Organize Virtual Reality
Screenings with Ease

Expo makes organizing a VR screening so simple, a single person could do it. Be part of the future of media and create an experience that your audience will never forget.
Virtual Reality Screenings

Control multiple VR headsets from a distance

We know how complicated it is to manage multiple VR devices, so we simplified it. Run as many headsets as you want from one place, reducing the number of staff you need to run an event.
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VR Headsets

Hold Virtual Reality Group Viewings

Remote Control an unlimited number of devices. Start playing a 360 video on multiple VR devices simultaneously, directly from the Cinema remote on your laptop or tablet.
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Virtual Reality Group Viewings

Simplify the Experience for Your Audience

Kiosk mode allows your audience to simply put on a headset and have the experience automatically play, without the need for controllers or complicated user interfaces.
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Multiple VR headsets

Get Real Insights Into How Your Audience Views Your Content

View in-depth analytics on how your audience watches your VR content, including view counts and heatmap data to see where your audience looks most in your 360 videos.
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Virtual Reality Group Viewings

Works on all major VR Headsets



Tablets & Phones

iOS / Android


iPad & iPhone



Go, Rift, Quest

Gear VR


G2, G2 Pro, G2 4K

HTC Vive


Vive Focus & HTC Vive


All the features you need to effectively
exhibit your 360 video content.
Sync across unlimited devices

Sync across unlimited VR headsets

Synchronize your experience across as many headsets as you can get your hands on.
Custom waiting room

Content Management System

Upload your assets once in the Expo Dashboard, then use your unique 6-digit PIN to access your content on all your devices.
Custom branding

Custom branding

Showcase your own brand, not ours. Expo is completely customizable to let your brand shine. Upload your logo and a custom 360 photo, or ask us to design one for you.
Multimedia support

Multimedia support

Upload monoscopic or stereoscopic equirectangular 360º videos, as well as JPEG and PNG images. We also support VR180º and up to 11K resolution.
Offline playback

Offline playback

Download your content to all your devices so you can playback and sync your content offline with just a local wifi connection.
Spatial audio support

Spatial audio support

We support spatial audio files created with Facebook's Spatial Workstation, 1st-order ambisonics, TBE files, as well as AmbiX spatial audio.

Prepare and manage a fleet of
VR Headsets with Cinema Remote

Sync across all devices

Sync across all devices

Download your content on all your devices, sync playback for a group experience.
Playback control & monitoring

Playback control & monitoring

Streamline your audience's experience by monitoring their headset at your fingertips.
Single device playback

Single device playback

Select a single headset or multiple devices for a flexible, personalized experience.
Battery status

Battery status

Keep tabs on your devices to ensure you can play experiences without battery failure.
Send message

Send message
(coming soon)

Send your guests a quick text message that displays in their headset in the menu.
Temperature warning

Temperature warning

Never let your headsets overheat and interrupt the experience again.

All plans include

Sync across all devices

Sync across unlimited devices

Control all of your VR headsets with the cinema remote app to download or play a single video on all headsets at once, or play multiple videos on individual headsets.
World-class Hosting

World-class Hosting

Your files are securely stored on an Amazon S3 server and distributed through the worldwide CloudFront CDN network, ensuring lightning fast download speeds and maximum uptime.
Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

Your content is private to your own devices. Log in with a simple 6-digit pin code so only you can view your content, unless you choose to share it with others.
Support & Training

Support & Training

We provide tech support to help troubleshoot any problems that may arise. You will also have access to video training and tutorials that you can access at any time. We are adding new training videos all the time.

How does it work

Select plan & platform

1. Select plan

Choose the plan that best fits your needs. You can pay per month, or save 20% with an annual subscription.
Access Dashboard

2. Access Dashboard

Log in to your dashboard to upload your content, watch training videos,
and access your 6-digit PIN.
Sync & Play

3. Sync & Play

Download the app on your devices,
login with your 6-digit PIN,
download & play your content.
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Choose your plan

Unlike the other guys, we don't charge you per device or limit you to a certain number of headsets. You just pay a monthly or annual subscription for full access. You can also hire our team if you need help setting up a festival or special event.

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Works with unlimited devices
Hosting for 360 videos
Cinema remote control
Custom branded player
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Expert Staff & Training
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Cinema remote control app
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What our customers say

Keram Malicki-Sanchez
Keram Malicki-Sanchez
Founder & Executive Director, FIVARS
Contraverse offered an excellent optimization for asynchronous and tandem playback of spherical content at our international Virtual Reality stories festival.
Alomar Kocur
Alomar Kocur
VR Coordinator,
Toronto New Wave Film Festival
This kind of shared experience is rare to VR, and I expect Contraverse will continue to find innovative ways to make this burgeoning medium accessible to mass audiences.
Emmanuel Teji
Emmanuel Teji
Director & Co-Founder,
Toronto New Wave Film Festival
Thank you for being such a highly essential part of our festival. The success would not be where it is without you. We look forward to working with your team again and are positive that Contraverse with be the standard in VR cinema - and we hope to join forces with you again.
Ian Stoddart
Ian Stoddart
VP of Business Development,
Cinemuskoka Film Festival
As one of the festival organizers, it was reassuring to have Contraverse help run our virtual reality theatre with such ease. Their expertise made working with them nothing less of an absolute pleasure. I am excited to be teaming up with Contraverse again!
Owners & Staff Members
Owners & Staff Members
House of VR, Toronto
House of VR has been pleased to work with Contraverse VR Cinema hosted at our VR lounge, a sold-out event that showcased virtual reality in a new way to many people. Contraverse's passion to create great experiences really shows in their end-to-end process for managing VR cinemas.
Kathryn McKenzie
Kathryn McKenzie
Studio Manager, Transmedia Zone
Contraverse is changing the entire experience of VR to one that can be shared.

Frequently asked questions

Can I control different types of VR headsets at the same time?
Yes! You can control any of our supported devices directly from your cinema remote. If you want to use 10 Oculus Go's, 5 Daydreams, and 20 Google Cardboards, we can make that happen! (additional charges may apply).
What types of media can I upload?
You can upload monoscopic or stereoscopic equirectangular 360º videos, spatial audio files created with the Facebook Spatial Workstation, as well as JPEG and PNG images. We will also support 180º and other custom degree videos, as well as AmbiX spatial audio.
What if my guest want to watch a different experience at the same time?
You can control headsets individually as opposed to synchronized, so if you have multiple guests who want to watch different things at the same time, you can just select the experience and the single headset, then hit play!
Can multiple people access the remote at the same time?
Absolutely! If you have multiple operators, they can all log into the remote on multiple devices and have full control over all connected devices..
What is the maximum number of devices that I can control?
There is theoretically no limit. You can have a nearly unlimited amount of devices connected worldwide, and control them all with a single click from your remote.
How can I see the progress of people watching my content?
On your app at the top of the screen, there is a playback window where you can see exactly what each viewer is watching.
Can I run it without an internet connection?
Not at the moment, but you can download all content beforehand so you only need a tiny bit of internet to receive the Play or other commands from the server. We are working on adding full offline controls in the near future.
What are the recommended upload specs for video?
We accept equirectangular videos of any resolution, bitrate, and codec. However, to reduce upload times and minimize capacity usage, we recommend the following: Resolution: 4096x2048 for monoscopic, 3840x2160 for stereoscopic. FPS: up to 60fps. Codec: H.265/HEVC. Bitrate: 30Mbit for 30fps, 50Mbit for 60fp.
What is the maximum playback resolution of my videos?
The vast majority of current generation devices support playback of UHD (3840x2160) video. To make sure your videos run smoothly on all devices, we play videos up to UHD @ 60 frames per second. We are working to support FOVAS (field-of-view adaptive streaming), which allows playback of 8K videos on the current generation of devices.
What platforms are supported?
Contraverse Expo supports the following VR platforms:
Android Phones (Cardboard), iPhone and iPad (Cardboard), Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest (coming soon), Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive (Pro), Vive Focus, Vive Cosmos, Pico Headsets.
Where can I download the Contraverse Expo app?
You can find the links to the application in the dashboard under downloads.

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